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    python(ABI) missing

    Hello all

    I have downloaded fedora 14, It was running fine after install. The problem is when I try to run yum update, It downloads the updates,But fails transaction test with python(ABI) needed by 4 or 5 other updates.

    I tried yum --skip-broken, yum clean all and installing python-3 libs. None of these have solved the issue. Any help would be apreceated

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    solved by reinstalled python
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    Re: python(ABI) missing

    If it is not beta-rc3, you are behind the cruve and the repos may not match beta or koji.

    Wiat for the beta release on the 28 and then check the f14-branched vs. the f14-test updates report.

    In other words alpha was DOA, use beta-rc3 or newer.

    Do the Math

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