lm_sensors/ atom N270 ?
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    Exclamation lm_sensors/ atom N270 ?

    Hello all,

    I still can't lm_sensors to correctly detect the temperatures of the atom N270. Somehow, The applet only tells me that I only have core0 (and not core 1).. How can this be when back in F12 a month ago lm_sensors detects cores 0 and 1 correctly?

    Help would be greatly appreciated, the atom is a not-so-cool CPU so it's good to make sure it doesn't overheat (critical temp. is 90.. pretty hot)

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    Re: lm_sensors/ atom N270 ?

    The N270 only has one core according to Intel - http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=36331

    I see the correct output at the command line using sensors. Haven't tried the applet as I use Conky to display the temp and other stuff.

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