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    Mount MS DFS share on linux


    I'm currently running Fedora 13 64 bit in at my office at work.

    [dyland@CAL-1-DESMARA ~]$ uname -a
    Linux CAL-1-DESMARA #1 SMP Tue Jul 6 22:32:17 UTC 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    I'm trying to see if I can migrate from Windows XP to a Linux client at work without the need to VM windows.

    One of the road blocks I've hit is the companies Microsoft DFS file shares. I've been able to mount the root and can browse the top level folders but nothing with in them.

    mount.cifs -o username=<user>,password=<pass>,nobrl //domain/share /home/dyland/N
    I've googled a number of sites on this but they all have posts from 2008 and nothing at that time seemed to be working. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a recent how-to for Fedora.


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    Well, I've been going through a number of posts at RedHats bugzilla and after playing around with a number of fixes posted found one that worked for me:

    install the package “keyutils”:

    yum install keyutils
    add these lines to the end of /etc/request-key.conf:

    create cifs.spnego * * /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall -c %k
    create dns_resolver * * /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall %k
    After that you can mount remote DFS shares as a normal samba share.

    Here is some background . . .

    In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 the support for CIFS was the job of the “smbfs” file system which lived in userland.

    When “smbfs” was dropped and the “cifs” driver was added Kerberos and DFS were not supported. This is because the “cifs” driver is in the kernel where no DNS or Kerberos libraries exist! So, to get DFS and Kerberos working now the cifs driver calls userspace via the program /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall. This userspace helper program then performs Kerberos and DFS related functionality for the kernel.

    Hope this helps others.

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