Welcome to Fedora Forum.

Please refer to the notice posted near the bottom of every page:
FedoraForum.org is privately owned and is not directly sponsored by the Fedora Project or Red Hat, Inc.
However, this web site is the "officially endorsed" forum for the Fedora Linux OS (REF: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Community_websites: "fedoraforum.org - The officially-endorsed forums of the Fedora Project. Fedora forum is a independent website and not hosted by Fedora Project or Red Hat."). As such, it is the "semi-official" public face of Fedora for many/most end-users. All members (including Staff) are volunteers, and are not necessarily affiliated with the Fedora Project in any way (although some are). We are a community of "users helping other users", nothing more. The primary missions of this forum ("what this forum IS") are:
  • To answer technical questions regarding the Fedora Linux OS and it's accompanying software;
  • To promote the Fedora OS and Linux in general; and
  • To accomplish the above in the co-operative and community-oriented spirit of F/LOSS.

All other purposes are secondary. It is only natural, and to be expected, that opinions will be skewed in favor of Fedora/Linux. After all: where else (or where better) can Fedora aficionados go to commiserate and get that "warm fuzzy" feeling about their chosen OS? First and foremost, people come here to discuss and learn about Fedora and Linux, and that purpose should be respected.

Most members are aware of these facts, but many, especially newcomers, are not. The implications are (apparently) somewhat less obvious:
  • In general, the Fedora Project Developers and Staff DO NOT monitor this forum (with a very few, notable exceptions). Accordingly, this forum IS NOT the appropriate place to file/post official bug reports nor feedback regarding established, global Fedora Project policy(ies). Please do so through the official Fedora Project channels. The "Fedora Project" jump feature on the navigation bar is provided for your convenience.

    In short: no one here can take action to address bugs, nor alter Project policy(ies), nor act in any official way to address any other concerns in any official capacity; all such communication should be directed to the Fedora Project itself through their official channels, as they request.

    A limited amount of discussion regarding Fedora Project policy and software is expected and tolerated, so long as civility is maintained and conducted in a constructive manner; however, be advised that such posts are highly likely to draw responses reflecting the above: "The Fedora Project Developers do not monitor this forum - please direct your feedback to the Fedora Project through it's official channels" and/or "Your concerns are likely to be ignored here, since we cannot affect the actions required to address the issue(s)".

  • Posts which are not related to technical questions regarding the Fedora OS belong in the appropriate sub-forums: "Reviews, Rants, & Things That Make You Scream", "Fedora Focus", "Linux Chat", or "Wibble". The Staff will move any such posts at our discretion.

    Many members are IT professionals and/or experienced in the use of other operating systems. Please feel free to ask technical questions about them (by posting in the appropriate sub-forum), since you are likely to receive useful responses.

  • In direct opposition to the above-stated primary purpose of this forum, some persons clearly enjoy engaging in running debates about the relative merits of Fedora/Linux vis-a-vis other operating systems. Dissenting opinions are of course expected from time to time, and will be equally tolerated and respected, as long as they remain civil. However, members who consistently and repeatedly extol publicly the advantages/superiority of other OSs, while denigrating Fedora/Linux, are likely to be received with skepticism or even hostility. This reaction is hardly surprising (see our primary purpose above).

A final note, and word of caution: the Staff has zero tolerance for spam, and a very low tolerance for any posting that may be regarded as advertising (without prior approval). Please contact the Staff before posting any such material; otherwise, we may remove the offending post(s) and sanction (ban) the member without notice.

I hope that the above clarifies what this forum is, and what it is not.

We hope that you enjoy using Fedora and this Forum.