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    Display graphics from service?

    I have a service running as root. This service doesn't have a main graphical screen, but if there is an error it has a pop up box that lets the user know. Of course the user wouldn't be logged into root so how do I get the graphics to show up on a different users desktop?

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    Re: Display graphics from service?

    It'd help if you mentioned what "service" you're running.
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    Re: Display graphics from service?

    Quote Originally Posted by forkbomb
    It'd help if you mentioned what "service" you're running.
    It's a service using Java Service Wrapper that I created. It's a backup utility that I created.

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    Re: Display graphics from service?

    Try using notify to display you message to the logged in user.

    /usr/bin/notify-send -t 0 'Danger!' 'Will Robinson!'
    There are programmatic APIs to libnotify, you can probably google one for Java.

    Edit, you might start here: http://skaba.wordpress.com/2009/05/1...dding-actions/
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