The usual blurb about rants:
  • The "Suggestions and Feedback" section is specifically intended for "... suggestions or just plain questions regarding the site", that is: this forum web site and it's format, operation, and/or administration, and the vBulletin software that it uses, and so on (as opposed to the Fedora operating system).
  • As is conveniently shown at the bottom of every Forum page: is privately owned and operated, and is not directly sponsored by the Fedora Project or Red Hat, Inc.
    The membership (including Staff) is comprised entirely of volunteer "users helping other users" - the Fedora Project Developers and Staff do not (generally) monitor this forum (although there are a few notable exceptions); therefore, we are unable to field bug reports, nor to act on issues of Project policy, nor to affect in any meaningful way the direction of the Project. We understand and accept that a certain amount of "venting" is inevitable (and even desirable); if you simply need to vent (and are willing to accept the fact that your rant will probably be ignored and/or flamed), post in the Reviews, Rants & Things That Make You Scream section; but the Staff reserves the right to limit such discussions (especially if they are, or become, hostile, controversial, or otherwise counter-productive), and we prefer to re-direct all such discussion to the Fedora Project itself, where such topics properly belong. Please refer to the "Fedora Project Jump" feature located at the top on the navigation bar.
  • Feel free to post your suggestions here for the improvement of this Forum web site, and for questions regarding it's use and/or operation. This is not an invitation to openly challenge/confront the Staff regarding the established Posting Rules and Guidelines nor administrative decisions - do so only in Private Messages.

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