F12 + Thunderbird 3 issues after yum update
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    Unhappy F12 + Thunderbird 3 issues after yum update


    Just another noob here.

    I started my netbook up as usual this morning and Thunderbird was greyed out as if it was stalling.
    It usually does this so I didn't worry and just waited a while. no joy.

    I've since backed up .thunderbird dir and done a
    yum remove thunderbird
    yum install thunderbird
    Unfortunately it didn't just snap straight back in to action and I have no idea how to trouleshoot it.

    Also, as I understand it Fedora's repos don't offer out the latest versions of Thudnerbird until they are all certified or something. Would I be better off getting the mozilla repos added and get the best of what moz have got at the time?

    Any help muchly appreciated.


    Ok, I have absolutely no idea why (I've been told by a linux guru it could be a problem with system files I've edited?) but after about 20mins of trying to load it finally does and I get reminders popping up that are up to a month or more old.
    Anyway, it's fixed. *confused face*
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