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    Re: POLL: Fedora updates - conservative or adventurous?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gödel
    Good, that's the sensible choice. Anything else would make Fedora too much hassle to use a a main OS.

    I still don't understand why people who like "adventurous" can't just use rawhide, like always.

    Am I missing something?
    Hi Gödel. I voted for "adventurous", as for me rawhide tracks upstream master a bit too closely to run it on my main system. Even the Fedora 13 branch contains a mixture of released and pre-release code.

    I like the latest stable Fedora release (currently, Fedora 12) to ship the latest stable upstream-released packages, once they have gone through appropriate QA (e.g. KDE SC 4.4). If I want to obtain bleeding-edge packages (e.g. 2.6.34 RC kernels) or stabilised betas (from F13 rawhide) and run them with my up-to-date yet stable base, I can rebuild them from the appropriate rawhide branch. Of course there would - and previously have been - exceptions, such as the current Firefox/XULRunner and not immediately introducing new packages such as kernels.

    Not wanting to make this thread look too much like an Ubuntu bug report, but (+1) I'm fully behind the stable release fastest approaching EOL (currently Fedora 11) only receiving bugfixes and minor version updates (e.g., newer KDE SC 4.3.x but not KDE SC 4.4), unless backporting a particular critical bugfix is too difficult.

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    Re: POLL: Fedora updates - conservative or adventurous?

    Hey guys!

    Are we talking about only the rawhide updates or an ultimate policy for all supported releases? Because I doubt that there can be any common ground between all releases of fedora.

    As far as my understanding goes:
    • rawhide is where the actual development and forward thinking process is located. This platform has to be of the adventurous kind because otherwise no real progress would be made.
    • Fn is what could be considered the common users choice is where blood is traded for a bit of stability and new features can wait a bit if the risk of breakage is that high.
    • Fn-1 is probably the least active distribution where all updates are stable and focus on security patching and possibly hardware support.

    Apparently you can't (or shouldn't) enforce the same policy on all distributions because then there would not be a reason to have three of them and ultimately fedora would turn into a rolling release of some sort (conservative or adventurous).

    If you really want to have a three release scheme what should be done is to orient each release to the particular user group it targets. so you would have the rawhide for the users that actually understand what they are doing and like to play back and forth with updates that don't work. Fn for the intermediate user who can find his way around undoing something that went wrong and Fn-1 for the rest of the world who count on a platform that has a low chance of breaking.

    How this can be described in a software release policy I don't know. Nor is it certain that such a distinction is possible taking into account that developers would probably need to monitor multiple versions of their software and that such a thing might be counter productive.

    Having such a scheme with clear guidelines about what is happening in each release a new user could easily choose the right version for him and would probably stick with it increasing the userbase. Also having stated the properties of each release clearly you might also get around the fact of people installing rawhide (expecting the magical desktop) as a main OS and then whining about how the bad yum update destroyed their nice setup.

    Apparently (due to plain noobiness) I am a bit confused about the whole matter and doubt that I actually understand the magnitude of the issue. So I choose not to vote for the poll since that would be ridiculous.


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    Re: POLL: Fedora updates - conservative or adventurous?

    This thread was only about updates for existing stable releases. There is no current policy difference between updates for F N and F N-1, BTW.
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    Re: POLL: Fedora updates - conservative or adventurous?

    I think you should be given the freedom to choose... adventurous updates should be available (and installed by default, but there should also be option to install only the conservative updates, like install only security updates)
    For my laptop I want software with new and cutting edge features. For my server I want stable software with as few bugs as possible.

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    Re: POLL: Fedora updates - conservative or adventurous?

    The fedora 13 CD release should have never seen the light of day... outside of an
    Alpha release...

    It will not install properly on the "minimal" configuration - 512 MB memory, i686
    without a network...

    1. Not all 686 has PAE, yet that is the only kernel installed.
    2. The CD set is missing about 200 packages that are included in the DVD

    The first problem causes a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

    The second isn't visible if you have a functional network...

    I have worked around the the first problem, but not completed the second.

    I am in favour of an adventurous rawhide distribution.

    But when an official release is done (f13/f14..) then the release should be usable on
    anything from the minimal configuration on up.

    When the next release is made, the current release should be rebaselined
    (as in new iso images using the current packages) and THEN
    enter an even more conservative update cycle.

    Right now, I would not recommend Fedora 13 for any use whatsoever...

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