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    Unhappy Subversion: svnadmin error creating repository


    I'm working on setting up a new subversion server and getting an error I'm not having much luck resolving.

    I'm attempting to create the repository in /home/svn/foo with the command
    svnadmin create /home/svn/foo
    while in /home/svn.

    I am greeted with the error:
    svnadmin: SQLite compiled for 3.6.20, but running with 3.6.17

    I installed subversion via
    yum install subversion

    I've installed SQLite 3.6.22 from source and removed/installed subversion with no change.

    What gives? I wasn't really wanting to install subversion from source. Seems a bit excessive.

    Environment stuff:
    [root@COS svn]# yum repolist
    Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit
    repo id repo name status
    fedora Fedora 12 - i386 enabled: 15,366
    updates Fedora 12 - i386 - Updates enabled: 4,731
    repolist: 20,097

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    Re: Subversion: svnadmin error creating repository

    You must upgrade to new version of sqlite
    Just "yum update sqlite" and repo create will work...

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