The host is Fedora 12 4 bit upadted as of 21 Feb 2010
VMware Player installed
Guest Windows 98 SE

VMware player 3.0 installed with no error messages but when I went to run it it would open of a second and close. Looking for a solution I can accross;

"mv /usr/lib/vmware/resources/mozilla-root-certs.crt /usr/lib/vmware/resources/mozilla-root-certs.crt.old"

after actioning this I could run Vmware Player 3 with no problems. I then created a windows 98SE virtual machine and loaded windows 98SE. 98SE runs fine but I can not install the tools.

If I select VM> from the Menu I get the floowing message

A Certificate error has occured for the update server. Check your internet settings or contact your System Administrator.

The internet connection works as I can access sites via http: witout any issues. I cna also access other windows machines on the network.

I have downloaded the trail version of VMware Workstation 7 and extracted the windows .iso as indicated in some forums. When i try to run D"\setup.exe I get

Runtime Error
Program D:\SETUP.EXE
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusal way.
Please contact the application Support team for more information

On clicking OK

This program has performed an illegal operationand will be shut down.

My question is How can I get VMware tools installed?
I would be greatful for any assistance

Why do I need Windows 98SE? I have two very useful applications I wna to run as there is NO replacements.