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    WinXp guest on Fedora12 host can't connect to USB

    The USB ports are faded on the Sun VirtualBox "xp [running] screen / Devices / Usb Devices / pull down menu, and the help balloon says unavailable. I am in the vboxusers users group. What am I missing. I did install the vboxguest additions and have 3D graphic support (tested). The FMS software I need is installed and needing only the Usb connection. I set up three USB ports during install of my xp virtual guest, and the Sun virtualbox screen says three active. There is no Usb users group to join as required in the Sun help. The Sun help discuses adding users to the usbfs group. I don't know how to do this or where. I did reboot the xp but not the Fedora12 system.
    Help Please.

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    I am pleased to say all it took was a fedora12 reboot to give me the Usb connections. Case closed.
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