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    Can a Linux LDAP server support Linux, Solaris, and Windows clients?

    My current environment consists of Linux servers, Solaris servers, and Windows servers and clients. We have no AD (Active Directory) in our Windows environment. I have the following two questions please:

    1- If I make a couple of Linux boxes to be my LDAP servers (master & slave), can they support Solaris & Windows servers/clients as their clients w/o AD?

    2- Can LDAP replace internal DNS? If so, is Internal DNS it's primary role or it is best used for SSO (Single Sign On)?

    Obviously this is more of a architectural type question and as such I would greatly appreciate a guru's point of view.

    Many thanks in advance, and have a terrific day.

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    I"m no guru--but, for what it's worth. I know Sun's Directory server can support Linux clients. I haven't done it the other way, but I believe what you wish should be possible.

    To support WIndows clients, you will probably need some combination of LDAP and samba, I fear I know nothing about that.

    LDAP is more for sso. It's used for authentication. I don't believe it can do internal DNS for a network, though it is often so flexible that I wouldn't be at all surprised to have someone say I'm wrong. Still, it's more generally used for SSO.

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