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    Problem installing F12 on Macbook 5,2

    Hi, i'm having problems to install F12 on my Macbook 5,2.
    In the better situation I started the F12 one time after installation, and nevermore.

    In my last attempt, I follow it:

    >First I installed MAC OSX snow leopard, with 2 partitions in HD;
    >Installed rEFIt and following the tutorial that I found on WEB, I copied rEFIt to EFI hidden partition;
    >From BootCamp, I started the installation. It reboot my system.
    >In seccond attempt, the F12 boot, install all ok. I kept EFI partition, and had created another three: 2. Boot, 3. Home 4. (root and swap). The grub I put on \boot (I think...)
    >After rebooting, the rEsFIt was removed, and system wasn't booting.
    >Then, I used the rEFIt-CD and after fixing MBR, (with rEFIT), the F12 started (without rEFIt or GRUB selection boot).
    >After shutdown, and powerup, the F12 didn't have started more. It shows "Not Responding" and reboot or hang.

    The F12 Live CD never started, and Installation DVD of Fedora now too (goes to selection boot options, and locked after, as before of bootcamp use).

    The DVD I had used on PC, then I think it's working.

    The DVD-FEDORA install goes to start selection option to boot, and I've tryed "nomodeset" "xdriver=vesa" "acpi=off" and the installation/rescue options and it didn't work.

    I would like to know how I can fix it. I wanna to use only Fedora on my Macbook, without MacOSX.

    I thank you from now for yours answers, and sorry my poor english,

    Edu Costa

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    Hi Eduardo
    this is how install Fedora 11 on Macbook 3.1, but i installed Fedora 12 on macbook 4.1 so it should work and for you, link here.
    Then after restart, on rEFIt boot screen, chose the shell and ran gptsync comand , then reboot ant it should work. (sorry for my english)

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