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    Isolinux disk error 20; AX=4280, drive EF

    Hello Guys.

    My name is Razi. and I am new to Linux and this forum.

    1. While installing Fedora 12 i got this error "Isolinux disk error 20; AX=4280, drive EF". I run Ubuntu 9.10 on same system but now getting Error on installing Fedora 12 using a writeable CD to install that. A friend of mine install fedora from the same CD. I am using Pentium 4 2.40 GHz, 512MB Ram, Nvidia G-Force MX-440 SE. and a complete Partition of approx 10GB.

    In frist attempt CD was not able to boot, but after 3-4 trys CD was booted for couple of times and now it was not booting again. In that 2 trys, i got the same error as mentioned above.

    2. Before installing this I install ubuntu and it was running fine, but a little problem with that. Whenever I boot my system all things remain same but monitor settings went on 800*640. I usually set them to 1024*768 (Maximum my card can suppot).

    Please let me know that Fedora 12 is supported by my system or not. And if 12 is not supported than which version should I try.

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    Fedora 12 will run on your system , it would be better if you had more ram , but F12 should install and run just fine.

    Please check if your cd/dvd has a scratch/ is damaged. From your description it certainly does not look like good media. If its not the cd/dvd then your cdrom/dvd drive is having an issue with the media.

    I suggest you get a new dvd and use the Fedora 12 dvd iso image

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    ok thanks..

    n i m downloading it from


    Fedora Desktop Live Media and

    ■i686 - Live CD

    That would be fine? it is approximatly of 3GB..
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