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    Question How to disable mount of Windows Partition in Dolphin

    Hi everybody,
    I just installed Fedora 12. When I open Dolphin, I do find links on the sidebar which enable me to mount the NTFS partitions with a click. I want to disable this for less privileged users and only allow root to do mount and unmount of partitions. I was not able to see autofs installed nor any sign of entries in the fstab. Please can someone help me to disable this option so that other users wont be able to mount

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Hi can anyone help me wiht this please..

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    It probably doesn't help but you can hide the partitions by right clicking on them.

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    I believe you can edit the file /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.devicekit.disks.policy to affect changes.
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