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    Backuppc help

    Hello, i am running a fedora 12 ppc system for backups.
    Ive tried setting up backuppc using the instructions form here
    however alot of the directioires they gove are either flat out wrong or dont exist.
    I also edited the main config file but it wont let me make any passwords.

    # htpasswd -c /var/lib/backuppc/passwd/htpasswd admin doesnt work.

    Im having trouble finding decent documentation online that talks about this program.

    I also test ran the sever but it only shows an apache test page.

    ---------- Post added at 05:55 AM CST ---------- Previous post was at 05:01 AM CST ----------

    well the server seems to be up but i cant authenticate into it the problem earlier was apache wasnt looking at but i really have no clue as to why i cant authenticate into the server. any ideas?

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    I dunno.

    Might be like what the last guy posts in the comments on the install guide,

    Just to let you know it was SELinux related, I did setenforce = 0 and now it is working
    Good Luck,
    Pat Jr
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    Pat Jr.

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    still unable to log into my BackupPC server after disabling SElinux. i have 5 users unable to autheticate on any im not even sure my htpasswd file is working propelrly. the htpasswd file is located in /var/lib/BackupPC/passwd/htpasswd

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