.img file on usb?
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    .img file on usb?

    hi there. ive downloaded a .img file for a linux distro called "musix" which is based on debian and is centered around multimedia production. i downloaded a .img file which is supposed to be a "usb image" but i havent been able to find much on it after rooting around google for 3 or 4 hours now. how do i use this image on my usb device?

    playing around with unetbootin i found the solution, under use image i switched it from iso to floppy image and then unetbootin used the .img file.
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    Usually--not always, but with all the other .img USB files I've known, you copy it directly to the USB. It will overwrite anything already on the USB stick.

    IMPORTANT. By copy it directly, I don't mean use the cp command. I mean use dd. This does a bit by bit copy.

    dd if=my.img of=/dev/usb bs=4M

    That is, if is the input, of is the output--I use /dev/usb but usually, on a computer with one hard drive, it will be /dev/sdb. bs is the byte sector, in this case 4 megabytes, which is usual.

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