I have been battling with trackerd eating up 100% CPU when indexing $HOME.

When setting Verbosity=2 in $HOME/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg, looking at both $HOME/.local/share/tracker/trackerd.log and $HOME/.xsession-errors it happens that trackerd attempts to index .xsession-errors meanwhile feeding it. Hence trackerd eating up 100% CPU.

The solution I adopted is to exclude .xsession-errors from the files to index in $HOME/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg. The corresponding line now looks like:
NoIndexFileTypes=*.tar.gz;*.tar.bz2;*.tar;*.zip;*. mp3;.xsession-errors;

I still have a problem which after Web searches looks to be specific to :
$ sudo rpm -qa | grep libvorbis

This problem causes the following message:
$ tail -f /home/philippe/.local/share/tracker/tracker-extract.log

23 nov. 2009, 15:57:46: Tracker-Warning **: Could not load module 'libextract-vorbis.so': /usr/lib/tracker/extract-modules/libextract-vorbis.so: undefined symbol: ov_clear