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    Foxit Reader 1.1 can not restore document state any more

    Hi, everyone,

    Does anybody here use Foxit Reader 1.1 as PDF viewer? I did since it handles PDF ebook with complex layout better than Evince. No need to mention its smaller size and faster speed than Adobe Reader.

    However, it seems that recently it's unable to restore the document state when the file was closed. I do not know which part goes run right now but quite sure in the late August it works well. It always jumped to the position when I stopped last time. Now it simply starts from the the first page. :-)

    I looked through the Foxit Reader forum and found none similar problems reported. I posted here to see whether it is a Fedora specific problem or generalised one.

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    Hmm... I still have the 1.0-20090116 release - downloaded the 1.1 several months ago but have not yet unpacked for some reason. Will try to check soon and post back.


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    I just downloaded and packaged it today, and I confirm this issue.

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    By the way, it integrates well into the desktop, and it is embeddable in Firefox via mozplugger. Evince fails to be embedded in Firefox in Fedora 12 in some sites.

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