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    Menus in gnome?

    Hi, how do i prevent KDE menus from showing up in GNOME and vice versa? i mean like in mandrake linux.

    you see when i install 2 desktop enviroments, the kde menus show up in gnome and vice versa but i dont want this to happen as it looks awful there so many unwanted programms in the menu.

    any idea how to do this or is there a workaround for this?

    thank you.

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    This is done by design for Fedora, just like the reverse is true for Mandrake.

    If you're talking about modifying this behavior system-wide, there is not an easy way to do this without necessarily "breaking" the installed packages. You can try hacking around in /etc/xdg - but I'd really recommend backing everything up first so you can restore it when you break it.

    For a single user, if you're in KDE, you can "delete" (actually disable) the menu entries you don't want through the menu editor. Don't know about Gnome...
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