XAMPP on Fedora 11 64 bit
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    XAMPP on Fedora 11 64 bit

    I've just installed LAMPP on F11
    I wanted to share the process to make Xampp work on linux (fedora) 64 bit.

    1- Download Lampp : http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html#374
    2- log as root, and unzip the archive file in "/opt" : it is installed !
    3- to launch lampp : log as root (or sudo), and use "/opt/lampp/lampp start"

    You should have error messages ! So do the following :
    - modify "/opt/lampp/lampp" : comment this part of the script (source http://j2eedebug.blogspot.com/2009/0...it-rhel.html):

    # XAMPP is currently 32 bit only
    #case `uname -m` in
    # *_64)
    # if /opt/lampp/bin/php -v > /dev/null 2>&1
    # then
    # :
    # else
    # $de && echo "XAMPP gibt es zur Zeit nur als 32-Bit Applikation. Bitte verwende eine 32-Bit Kompatibilitaetsbibliothek fuer Dein System."
    # $de || echo "XAMPP is currently only availably as 32 bit application. Please use a 32 bit compatibility library for your system."
    # exit
    # fi
    # ;;

    - if xampp does not launch, because it needs 32 bit compatibility libraries (ld-linux.so.2, or libgcc_s.so.1 ... ), use the following commands
    - "yum whatprovides missing_lib_name"
    - get, in the command answer, the name of the corresponding 32 bit module (ended by i586, for exemple for ld-linux.so.2 answer was glibc-2.10.1-2.i586)
    - log as root, and do "yum install module_name"

    I only had these two modules to install, and now xampp works perfectly on my fedora 11 x86_64
    finish the configuration using : http://www.apachefriends.org/fr/xampp-linux.html

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    cool, Thanks for posting that.

    got any idea how to get postgreSQL installed to Xampp?

    Pat Jr.
    Freedom is never Free.
    Pat Jr.

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    nop, I've never used postgre, but maaaany tuto about postgre + xampp exist .... just google it

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    OK, I have XAMPP working, but with one BIG problem:
    everything starts with no problem, no errors. I can go to the http://localhost/XAMPP/ page and can use phpMyAdmin, but as soon as I try to go to a folder I create, it tries to download the php file instead of opening it in a browser.

    I go to http://localhost/foldername/index.php and I get a popup window saying "you have chosen to open the file 'index.php'" and it asks me what I want to open with. If I chose Firefox, it just reiterates in another tab..
    file permissions on this folder are identical, chmod 777 with owner and group 'root'.

    This could be an XAMPP issue, or it could be a Fedora 11 x64 issue, I can't tell. Any ideas would be helpful.


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    Sorry, but I don't have this problem ... everything works fine on my computer.
    I don't know where you put your files, I did the following :

    - log as root : go to /opt/lampp/htdocs and create a directory "my_directory" (mkdir my_directory)
    - create a symbolic link in Documents :
    - log as root and execute this command : "ln -s /opt/lampp/htdocs/my_directory /home/my_user/lampp_www
    - as root, go to /home/my_user and do "chmod 777 lampp_www"
    now all the files put in /home/my_user/lampp_www will be accessible via http://localhost/my_directory

    By the way, are you sure Apache was running ? Because if Apache is running you should not be able to download a php file ....

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    Well, that worked. I'm not sure why, but everything's fine now, after a week of trying to figure what's going on. I'm not sure what it was, tho, as I changed about 6 things.
    For one thing, there were other webservers running, including Jutty, and I'm not sure which php.ini was active. Anyways, after removing everything else, and reinstalling xampp, everything's fine now.

    Thanks alot for the help, that just made my life much easier.
    It's hard to tell people how Linux can do anything Windows can do when you can't even do a simple lamp install.

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