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    Smart card login

    I was wondering if there is anyway to let people log on to a computer with a smart card without having to authenticate with a server? Is there a way to just associate a smart card with a user name so someone can log into a linux and use the smart card instead of a password?

    edit - I am using F11 with pscs-lite on a laptop with a SCM smart card reader
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    I start thinking also this when I saw your text. It is possbile. Go System, Admin, Authentication, and there you found Authentication sub menu where you can subscribe smartc card login. I am also active PKI user and like to here how it works. I have only one PCMCIA so I have to ocupy that for the HSDPA modem. But anyway I think PKI is the most valuable what you havve in in the net even that there is not yet so many services. I use PKI a lot for sending mails to make sure that I am the person.


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