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    Question Problem with epel.repo

    Have been running fine with Yum on Fedora 11. Not sure where I went wrong but I am now getting the following error:

    "Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo: epel"

    I have check the epel.repo file in the yum.repos.d and the first part of the file contains:

    name=Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 6 - $basearch

    Similar in the debug-info and source.

    Can't seem to find any information on "epel 6". Does it exist or is epel 5, the latest version and my epel.repo file has been corrupted?

    Any thoughts?

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    The first question I would have is: why are you attempting to use EPEL repos/packages on a Fedora OS? They may work in many cases, but one should have a very compelling reason to want to use them, if equivalent software is not available specifically for Fedora. And IIRC, there is no RHEL Release 6 yet??


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