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    The Devs Aren't Here!

    Yes, you're just screaming at empty air. Of course, you know that the correct way to handle problems, suggestions, etc. is either through Bugzilla: or by going through the Communication channels they set up for you: You also know that the purpose of the Forum is 'users helping users' and not redesigning the distro.

    .....BUT! You just need to tell the world about your problems or experiences and are ready to accept the comments of all the thousands of members who DO have things working properly.

    Then, THIS is your sub-Forum for venting. Keep in mind that swearing is off-limits and not to aim your anger at members or the Staff. And, if told to 'back off' by the Staff, it's time to go take a long walk and cool down.

    All that said, enjoy the ranting and don't forget your blood pressure medicine.
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    Demz Guest
    iv'e never noticed this thread till now

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    You joined just to post that ? OK. Bye. EDIT: Spam posts erased.

    Thread closed.


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