Hi, all!

I got eBox-3300 from DMP with 1GHz Vortex86 Soc processor. Processor suppose to be Intel 32 compatible.
It got 256 RAM and I put 4Gb SD as a main hard drive.
I am trying to install any latest Linux Distribution on that box. I was trying Ubuntu, CentOS, and now I tryied Fedora 11. The only distributive that works there is Slax - live Linux from a stick.
I suspect it has different (older) kernel version - but I may check if needed.
I wonder - is there any boot parameters that may help me to load the installer. Fedora installer reports following:

CPU: vendor_id 'Vortex86 SoC' unknown, using generic init.
CPU: Your system may be unstable.
IO APIC resources could be not be allocated.
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

(spelling as it is on the screen)

Does somebody have any Idea what this is?

Timofei Bolshakov