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    F10, F11: How to remap keys (disable Caps Lock and so on with xmodmap)

    In Fedora 10 they decided to change to "evdev", so if you used xmodmap in F9, these mapping have changed in F10 and F11 for that matter.

    In order to find the new key values start
    and press a button you would like to know the keycode for. Write this value down.

    When done, make a file ".xmodmap" and put in the values. "man xmodmap" explains the format. Not easy to understand! So here is how mine looks like.

    clear Lock
    keycode 112 = Caps_Lock
    keycode 118 = Delete
    keycode 119 = Home
    keycode 117 = End
    keycode 110 = Prior
    keycode 115 = Next
    keycode  49 = 0
    What is does:
    • * Disable Caps Lock
    • * Map Page Up (112) -> Caps Lock (because Caps was disabled in line one, this key is now completely dead)
    • * Map Delete (119) -> Home
    • * ...
    • * Map the law sign (49) -> 0

    Now start "gnome-session-properties" and click Add, and type in a title and the command should be
    xmodmap /home/louise/.xmodmap
    and replace "louise" with your own user name.

    And before anyone asks why I have mapped the keys the way I have, then look at this

    |        |      |       |
    | Delete | Up   | Dead  |
    |        |      |       |
    |        |      |       |
    | Left   | Down | Right |
    |        |      |       |
    This layout is MUCH more logical than the original. Now Delete is the key just to the right of the Backspace key. Back spaces deletes to the left, and Delete deletes to the right, so these keys shoudl of course be next to each other

    Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End now have the same structure as the arrow keys below.

    This layout makes it much easier to navigate without looking at the keys, because now the layout makes sense

    And why shouldn't 0 be to the left of 1? of course it should. 0 is lower than 1.

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    There's also a cool little program called xkeycaps you might want to check it.. makes things a bit easier.
    You can check it out by doing the following
    su -
    yum install xkeycaps
    check it out and hope it helps.

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