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    Dell XPS M1330. Set brightness with FN keys doesn't work

    Hi everybody!

    I'm trying to use the new Fedora 11 on my laptop. Everything seems to be ok except one disturbing issue.

    I can't change the brightness of the screen with the FN+UP and FN+DOWN keys (they do nothing).

    This works perfectly in others distributions. I've tested openSuse 11.1 and Mandriva 2009.1 and works fine, so I see that is a problem with the new fedora.

    Can anyone help me? Has anyone a dell xps and this work (or not) for him? Need to set enable some configuration (like happened with the touchpad) or just a Fedora's bug?

    Thank you everybody and sorry for my english!

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    Dell XPS M1330. Set brightness with FN keys doesn't work

    I am using a DELL XPS M1330 too, and I am having the same problem since Fedora 9 or something ...

    To resolve the problem, please add the following line to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf:

    blacklist video
    After a reboot, the fn + <up> / <down> key combinations should work again and set the brightness accordingly.

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