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    Add/Remove Software in the KDE 4.2.3 desktop environment.

    So what happened to Add/Remove program in KDE 4.2.3? I used to Click Applications > Administration > Add/Remove Software. But it's not there, so I found in applications > System > Software Management (Kpackagekit) and tried that which works OK. What I found that I don't like is when I go to... Um, lets say Adobe to download flash Player .rpm for Linux. I used to be able to click that and an application installer would ask for my password to install. Once installed it worked just fine. Now if I click on .rpm for Linux (anything) Kpackagekit doesn't know what to do and dissapears. So know I'm left with using YUM (which isn't a bad thing, I've used it for years) but sometimes its nice to click an .rpm package and just install it.

    So am I missing something? Sometimes the most obvious solutions are in front of me and I can't see them - LOL

    Good news is I found it in the right place in Gnome

    Thank you for your time,

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