Fedora 11 ldap gui login/logon fails (console login works)
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    Fedora 11 ldap gui login/logon fails (console login works)

    I'm using an ldap server to authenticate multiple users to a single local account on an F11 install.

    The log in works fine from a virtual console but fails from the gui/gdm.

    Ever since F9/F10, the gdm has been really different from what I'm used to and I don't know my way around it well enough, I guess.

    I was hoping that someone who knows more about the gdm in Fedora 11 better then I do can help me figure this out.


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    I'm afraid I can't help (I log into a console), but I've changed the title of the thread slightly, with the hope that people with GDM experience might give a hand. (and so that ldap experts realize it's not ldap itself causing the problem.)

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    OK. I got it figured out. The problem was with pam. This new gdm has a few different files in the /etc/pam.d directory (gdm, gdm-password, gdm-fingerprint, gdm-autologin) and each file uses different pam files.

    gdm was including system-auth while gdm-password was including password-auth.

    So, any changes I made in system-auth, I also had to make in password-auth. It would be nice if the documentation was a little clearer in regards to pam and gdm.


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