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    Directory for USB flash drives


    I'm booting from a USB, but I also have some other documents that I need to view in that same USB...So, where do I go to view my USB's content? Remember, it's the USB I'm booting from...maybe that'll help...


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    Hello jpfalet,

    Try browsing the /media folder. If you don't find anything there, then maybe your documents are in a partition that you will have to mount manually. You should be able to mount ordinary ext3, FAT, and NTFS partitions this simple way...
    mkdir /mnt/temp
    mount /dev/sdxy /mnt/temp
    You change x & y to the drive & partition that you want to mount (e.g., /dev/sda1). Browse for your files in /mnt/temp.

    If your documents are in an LVM physical volume, there's a little more to do. I'm skipping that though because I doubt that you have a second Linux system on that USB drive. If I'm wrong about that and you need that information, then you can see it here...

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