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    Seth Vidal - Announcement of Fedora 11 Preview Release

    Memorandum of Intent to Release a Distribution of Understanding

    Things this email is about:
    - Fedora 11 Preview release
    - Where to get it
    - How to test it
    - Where to report problems

    Things this email is not about:
    - If there are too many sliders on a volume control
    - If there are not enough sliders on a volume control
    - Grumpiness

    Agenda Items:
    - Release Fedora 11 Preview Announcement
    - Tell everyone how to obtain the Preview Release
    - Tell everyone how to file bug reports

    Hidden Agenda:
    - Joy
    - Peace
    - Occasional fun-loving snarkiness

    This is the Fedora 11 Preview release, we're just a short time from releasing the full shebang. Therefore we need the most testing we can possibly get on this one. On the torrent sites you'll find live images for testing: and

    Everyone has been focused on fixing and closing their remaining bugs since the Fedora 11 Beta Release. Please use Bugzilla
    ( ) to report any problems you find (after making sure that somebody else hasn't already reported the issues). The Preview release notes which can be found at will help you
    with any other details.

    Thanks and happy testing!

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    Just want to say in advanced to the fedora team thanks for the new gnome-volume-control, can we use Lennart Poettering's email address for queries we receive?

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