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    Debugging into non-C files

    Hi, my question is not directly related to Fedora, but will be grateful if somebody answers it anyway. I want to know if it's possible to debug into file that does not have a .c extension, but contains valid C code and is part of a C compilation. I want to step inside some functions in that file, so that the program counter is visible there (as is the case with .c files). Is there any way in which I can do this? I am using ddd for debugging.


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    Assuming you compile those files with gcc -g , what error do you get when you try to use ddd on such a file?

    At first, I didn't see how to make an example of your question without using an #include, but after looking at
    info gcc
    I now understand that if you name your program main.bubby instead of main.c you must do:
    gcc -g -x c main.bubby
    But ddd should still run on a.out
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