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    hard disk mounting

    i think it belongs in here... if not, will some mod plz move it, tx

    The problem... my current rig has 4 hard drivers and 5 partitions in total. Fedora is installed on sdb1. Problem: I can see all other hard disks in the Dolphin File manager, but before i can access them, it always requests my root password... I have to enter this 3 times to view all other disks, which is kinda annoying. I can also not find them in /dev/sd*. After i give in the pass, it will however create /media/Local Disk...

    don't know if it would be related, but i also always have to click my USB stick (in the 'Devices recently plugged in' screenie) before it mounts to /media/KINGSTON/...

    can someone help me fix this? i want to make them auto-mount without prompting me for my password. I haven't fiddled around in /etc/fstab before you ask
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