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    jusaus Guest

    Connect to NFS Share on Linux Server from Linux Client using GUI, Nautilus?

    I setup an nfs server on host dad and using Pork Chop's command from this thread:
    was able to mount the nfs share on a local directory on my nfs client. Below is what I typed.
    [root@localhost justin]# mount dad:/mnt/smb /mnt/smb
    My question is, how could I just use Nautilus to find this share? I click on RedHat, Network Servers and only Windows Network shows up?
    I am only guessing, but methinks the answer may lie in Nautilus file menu -> Connect to server. However, what is the syntax? Or am I wondering in the woods?
    Does Nautilus even have this functionality?
    Using FC2, btw.
    Tired of googling for answers, and sincerely hope that will one day be my 1 stop shop for answers...
    Thanks heaps in advance.

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    aussieaubs Guest
    hey there - were you able to find a solution to this???


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    h4d Guest
    If you mounted it on /mnt/smb, just navigate to that directory using nautilus! It should show up there...

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    NFS is not a "browsable" protocol, like SMB. Just do as h4d suggests. If you want to make sure it's mounted all the time, you can add an entry to your /etc/fstab to have it mounted at boot time.
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