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    Smile How to remove encryption from an hard disk?

    I hope someone here can help me

    I was trying to install Fedora 9 on my new laptop that came with Win XP. I have selected the option to wipe out all partition and create a default layout with the Encryption option selected. But that installation got stopped on the middle, therefore I have started the installation again. This time it asked for the encryption password as expected but don't know why, its not accepting my password. I am 100% sure that the password is correct but it is not allowing me to enter into the hard disk partition section.

    My question is, how do I remove encryption from my hard disk? I don't need to preserve the data, I just need to use my hard disk again. Is there any boot CD that allow us to format encrypted disks without prompting for a password? Any help will be appreciated.

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    i have never ever faced any such problem.. but, i suppose a good partition manager should be able to format that partition for you..

    any ways best of luck..

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    I know with Windows Vista and a failed install of TrueCrypt where I had the same password problem all I had to do was run the installation again and reformat the hard drive when promted. Since I booted from the DVD the encrytption never asked for a password. My new install of Fedora 10 64 bit also asked about partitioning and formating the drive so all you should have to do is reinstall the OS and it should write over the encryption. Just boot from the DVD or CD.

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    This might be too late now but do you have a keyboard layout other than US?
    My problem with the password was that the installer defaults to US keyboard settings whereas the normal boot process changes that to my layout. Therefore some characters change (in my case all special characters...)
    After looking up the changes the password worked again
    Fedora 13, Core2Duo CPU, ATI 3470, 3GB Ram

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