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    Problem installing JWT on fedora-eclipse

    I have installed fedora-eclipse 3.4.1. I have installed the EMF, GEF and JWT(Java Workflow Toolkit) plugins(?) using the update sites from eclipse.

    The installation went successfully. When navigated to
    Help -> Software Updates -> Installed Software, I could see EMF, GEF and JWT Feaature installed.

    But I couldn't find any Workflow Editor under File -> New -> Other......

    What might be the cause? Am I missing anything here? Any help appreciated..

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    Maybe you can re-try to re-install JWT from the Mlestones updte-site ( http://download.eclipse.org/technolo...e-update-site/ ). From here, you'll get newer and more tested versions.
    If you encounter any issue or have any question or suggestion about installation/execution/usage/whatever, then feel free to post a message on JWT newsgroup (http://www.eclipse.org/newsportal/th...technology.jwt, links to become allowed to post on the right of the page). Be sure that JWT team will be glad to help you and to improve the 'product" from your experience!

    Hope that helps


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