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    How can I enable XIM as input method in Gnome? [SOLVED]

    I use Fedora 10 i386 with Gnome desktop environment.
    I wanted to redefine some Compose key combinations. So I decided to use xim and local ~/.XCompose file instead of gtk-im-context-simple.
    I tried to test how it works and run
    GTK_IM_MODULE=xim gedit
    from terminal. And here the Compose key were completely ignored. But when I used multipress input method:
    GTK_IM_MODULE=multipress gedit
    it worked. I pressed the <Compose>,A,A,A... and it cycled like "a", "b", "c", "", "2".
    I tried viqr input method:
    GTK_IM_MODULE=viqr gedit
    and it also worked.

    Is there any way to enable xim as input method for non-root user?


    After I put these lines into ~/.xinputrc
    xim starts working as expected.
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