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    Firefox distorted

    Hello all,

    I just did a clean install of Fedora 10 after having a decent time with Fedora 9 but sadly I need some help. I am having a few problems with Fedora 10 at this point. One involves wifi but that is not the one that I am addressing here.

    When I am using firefox there are variable amounts of distortion that appear on my screen. For example a bar of white may run across several places and completely obscure anything that I am trying to read. There are instances where text will double up in some places so that I am unable to distinguish which line is which. Sometimes when I try to highlight a link it will suddenly appear doubles just below the original link. While none of it makes browsing the internet hard it is darn annoying. I have also tried Seamonkey and had similar issues. If anybody has any idea what may be going on and how to fix it I would greatly appreciate the help.

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    A brand-new, fresh install - have you performed a full system software update yet? If not, then do so immediately.

    What video hardware and video driver(s) are involved?


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    Demz Guest
    sounds like a Video Problem

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    I have done the full system update.

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    Demz Guest
    what Video card do you have?

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    A fresh installation is fine for this kind of situation.


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