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    sudo very slow

    Whenever I sudo, there is a thirty second or so delay, before the command is executed, no matter how simple the command. Does anyone have any guesses what would cause such a delay and how I can fix it? Thanks!

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    no2u Guest
    I'm seeing the same problem, but for me it takes exactly 2 minutes to "sudo" any command.

    "sudo -h" completes immediately.

    Recent changes to my Fedora 10 system are that I just did a System Update via PackageKit, and I installed a new router.

    Just noticed that if I unplug the ethernet connection, sudo completes immediately. sudo is presumably trying to hit the internet for something, and is probably getting blocked.
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    no2u Guest
    In my case the /etc/hosts file had somehow become corrupted and the DNS lookup was failing. Repairing /etc/hosts by adding a line such as this resolved the issue: examplehostname

    Where "examplehostname" is the name of my computer as reported by the command "hostname".

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    I had the same issue and repairing the hosts file did the trick. Thanks for the post.

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