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    Return to Bug Tussle

    Well, guys, we didn't get to do a weekend trip this week, so there aren't any pictures from yesterday or today. But even though it didn't get posted last week, we did get out and about on the 4th. So ... it's a week late ... but here's last weeks episode of the Tangled Web's Texas Treks ...

    ... The Return to Bug Tussle.

    Call it a guilty conscience if you will, but earlier this year we went to Bug Tussle, Texas and didn't bring back any pictures. That sort of bothered me so last weekend we took on a load of fuel, a Thermos of coffee, and plotted a return trip.

    Like any well planned trip, the first thing we did ... was to consult an Atlas.

    Hmmmmmm. Ooookay! That was helpful. <....>

    Although the lure of the Lights of Broadway were tempting, we stayed our set course

    Along the way, we found some things which were just a little hard to explain. Such as the driveway to this monster.
    (Which was parked smack in the middle of a working field.)

    Another, closer view. If they could afford the house ... you'd think they could afford a decent driveway. <....>

    Once again, it looks like life out here happens at a different, more bucolic pace.

    However, we have a long standing tradition of higher edumacayshun. Jes' like our city-bred cousins.

    And there's still a lot of Texas out here.

    Looks like this guy moved out here to the country ... and bought The Farm!

    Traffic jams are a whole different critter out in the county.

    Part way there ... I found this shortcut. But I'm not exactly sure I'd call it a road.

    But, come to think of it, the one we were coming off of wasn't much better, so ....

    Again we ran into the unexpected. I'm not sure what the story was here. The nearest respectable body of water is at least an hour away.
    Or maybe there's something they're not telling me about the depth and tendency to flood out here.

    Finally! our goal was in sight! So I breezed into town, hunted up a parking place, and set up to get some pictures.

    Welcome to Bug Tussle, Texas!
    Yeah. I know. That's a lot to throw at you all at once. So let me show you that again ...

    I guess we'll get lunch somewhere else.

    And so, having thoroughly photographed the metropolis of Bug Tussle, we headed home. However, we don't like to travel the same highway twice, so we came back via a different route, and along the way found this.

    Makes you wonder if they'll ever get back to it, or when they do, if any of it will be left that doesn't need torn down and replaced. Kinda sad, but I guess that's what happens when the money runs out.

    While passing through the town of Windom, just the other side of Honey Grove, we found what can only be described as the quintessential Texas BBQ. <....>

    We got back home just about the time another Texas winter's day succumbed to nightfall.

    Maybe -- if gas prices don't skyrocket again next week ... <....> we'll have another weekend -- and another Texas backroad to explore.

    In the mean time ... Y'all be keerfull, now. Ya hear?


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    Demz Guest
    great pics Dan

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    Colton, NY; Junction of Heaven & Earth (also Routes 56 & 68).
    More great stuff to share and store away in the album. Some day, the grandkids will be looking through it and thinking: "Yeah, we did right to have him committed".
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    Wayne Guest
    I really need to get out more... and not to the local pubs or liquor stores


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne
    I really need to get out more... and not to the local pubs or liquor stores

    I think you need to re-frase that as " I really need to get out more of the local pubs and liquor stores"

    "Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy. "


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    Demz Guest
    i may have a Job at my liquir store soon if my mate that worked there doesnt get better

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    Wayne Guest
    Greg in paradise, eh?


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    Demz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne
    Greg in paradise, eh?

    yeah as soon as i went up to go get my beer this morning i was told i may have a job there soon so yeah im in paradise

    well i didnt get the job as my mate that fell sick ( just had a heart scare tthat tablets he was on didnt agree with him ) but he's back on the job
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    Flip this image http://www.zyloo-enterprises.com/gra...k2/traffic.jpg and it could almost be a traffic jam over here in my corner of the UK. The tractors can be hauling anything from a load of potatoes to a trailer ( over ) loaded with hay bales. Re another thread, it seems some UK farmers still produce the rectangular bales, roughly a double cube. Great pics all round Dan.
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