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    The New Year's Jaunt.

    Another year, another day off, another open road.

    So ... we decided to drive, having missed ... "The last train to Clarksville."

    And although it seemed ambitious for a single afternoon, we went to Chicago ...

    And Detroit ...

    But it was getting late, and we had to get home to feed the dog ... so we passed on Boston and Columbia.

    We were traveling along when something in my rearview mirror caught my eye. This bordered on the macabre and therefore warranted a closer inspection.

    So we whipped the truck around, followed the signs ... and found a place called ...

    As Wayne has been in Tokyo so long ... I worked up a translation for him.

    We took the country route back ...

    And found that even a "nice country fixer-upper" in Texas will probably have a staircase and porch pillars.

    Once again ... there's a lot of Texas out here!

    I guess 12-year-old kids aren't the only ones to eat the middle out of their lunch before they eat the crust. <....>

    Both of the horses in this field looked like they were thin enough to be rescued animals. <....>
    They need all the luscious cream filling they can get!

    And so the day ended, and we stopped for dinner in Powderly at Don's Catfish Dock before we came home.
    If you ever get there for dinner ... take an empty stomach and a full wallet. He'll fix 'em both -- but you'll waddle away happy.
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    Nice pictures Dan
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    Wayne Guest
    Nice interesting pics, but as for "Engrish" Groan........

    /me checks on supply of rotten smelly kippers....

    Think I'll shower and head out for a beer. A change of drinking establishment is in order


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    Demz Guest
    lol .. good pics there Dan..give you some eggs to throw at Dan Wayne

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    Great pics, as always. Thanks for the tour.
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    Ahhhh...it looks just like home....
    San Antonio, Texas

    "Still hanging in there "

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