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    Helllo, certification question?

    hey guys, seasons greetings and i'm glad we made it to 2009. please i intend to get certifiied on linux, thinking of comptialinux+, RHCT and RHCE. please i'm i on the right track and what are your advice on this. thank you

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    Using the search term "certification" in the forums search engine I came up with these threads you could have read before starting a new one on the same subject:


    I think you will find lot's of opinions on the subject in the above threads. All you have to do is read through them all.

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    Hey, im doing the same thing. I am currently taking the RHCT and RHCE classes at my school. I just finished a security certificate from CEH and now its time to take the exam. A couple of things you should look into is continuing education at your local college or community college. Obtaining a copy of backtrack linux. Taking a security class that uses backtrack. I have books on it if you need a book or two.

    here is what my classes are like. you should try to find something simular or geared towards your learning style.


    this is besides my major. any way good luck and feel free to PM me. I can send you plenty of books and info. unfortunately i do not have any DVD movies of training BUT i have over 10 GB of books in PDF format.
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    I want to be CEH certified

    I want to be CEH certified, but i dont know how to do it ( as i m beginner ).So if somebody could help me out how else can i study and get CEH? Please help me out, i shall b really thankful to you for replying.

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    Re: Helllo, certification question?

    take a look here and please don't necro-post

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