Would KDE 4.1.3 run okay on an Intel Atom Netbook?
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    Would KDE 4.1.3 run okay on an Intel Atom Netbook?

    I currently use KDE 3.5 but am considering switching to a different Linux Distribution and using KDE 4.1.3 or may even wait for KDE 4.2 but since I'm using an Atom based Netbook I'm wondering how well it would run. Would I experience any type of slowdown with system performance?
    I do mostly minor work, mostly Mozilla Thunderbird for email, Firefox for web browsing, OpenOffice for word processing, and at times some of the programs like Kontact for scheduling and other things. I have 2GB of memory on the system but often do have these programs open at the same time. Would I experience any type of slowdowns or performance problems?

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    How important is the graphics processor to KDE 4.1.3? I don't even know offhand what processor is used by most Atom based netbooks but I'm wondering if that could be more of an issue than the CPU.

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    Burn a LiveCD to a USB stick and try it out ...

    KDE 4 works fine on an eeePC 701, for what that's worth (but I prefer the Gnome interface, particularly on the small screen).
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