h264 video jerky and buggy
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    h264 video jerky and buggy

    H264 video is jerky and buggy. I thought it was because it was a matroska (mkv) file, so I downloaded matroska tools and separated the h264 video stream. It is still jerky and buggy. Sometimes it comes to an error mentioning something about too many packets in buffer but I cannot reproduce that right now, what I can reproduce is it being jerky (~1 frame a second) and unwatchable. I am using the nvidia proprietary driver with opengl working correctly in direct rendering mode. Numerous output drivers have been tried invluding gl, gl2, xv. None of them are any better, they are all jerky and unwatchable. CPU usage is about 50% from the video player and 10% from the audio player; kwin takes up another 10% and the rest is idle. RAM is under-utilized. Disk is mostly idle. Here are players I have tried and all produce bad playback:

    GXine Video Player
    Dragon Player
    Movie Player



    I am trying to convert to a different video format (xvid) to see if that will help. This is a very poor solution but better than installing Windows on a dedicated disk just to watch h264. I used these programs:


    rpm -Uvh ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/packman.i....pm.1.i586.rpm
    yum -y install mencoder gpac
    There are other requirements too, check the README and INSTALL files in the zip from the vdr-portal thread (I had the other requirements already). I just copied and pasted the configuration from within the example file without reading it, changing only the temporary and working directories. It is now converting and has completed 5% while writing this update. Again, sub-optimal but if it works it's acceptable and I'll post here to let you know how it went.
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    I am having the same problem with fedora 10 and h264 have no idea what the cause is, worked just fine with fedora 9. Any info this issue would be lovely. Also if i try xine it segfaults

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    For these reason I always use svn-version of mplayer, but I have no problems playing such files with distro-package players (mplayer, xine, vlc, etc.). If you are using Nvidia card download the latest beta Nvidia driver and mplayer-vdpau, compile it and enjoy watching movies with a hardware decoding

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