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    Crackle and poor quality in music

    I'm experiencing poor quality with playing mp3's, m4a's, etc. It does not happen 100% of the time. Usually after a restart if I open nothing but, say, Banshee, music plays fine. But if the computer has been on awhile or a number of programs are started, the music pops and crackles. There are also little digital squawks that sound like what I imagine pixalization would sound like if it could make a sound. (But that might not be a helpful description...) It is true both of music off the hd and streaming.

    I have all newest versions of gstreamer, plugins, etc. on Fedora 10.

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    I found that uninstalling PulseAudio helped me out. There are other threads regarding this problem. Not only did the popping and cracking disappear, but I regained volume that I did not have before.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodgersmc
    little digital squawks
    Probably buffer under-runs.

    You should configure ~/.asoundrc to suit your soundcard (here's mine, with tons of info), then file an ALSA bug.

    Google on your soundcard model, because all soundcards are slightly different. This is why sound is such a problem in Linux.

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