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    can't see youtube video with Firefox + xine

    Hello everybody,

    I installed Fedora core 10 ( kernel- )
    I have problems with the browser, I can't see the video for ex. the one on youtube.
    I think I installed all the plugin required:
    which were required to see the video on firefox in FC7
    but on FC10 I still can't see them.

    I also noticed that when I try to run xine, the program starts and quit almost immediately
    saying "segmentation fault"
    well I don't know if the two problems could be related......

    Does anyone have the same problems and fixed it ?
    Does anyone know how to fix it?

    Thank you all

    Merry Christmas.


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    I just fix the video problem on firefox,
    I missed something and following the guide at:

    section : Q: How can I install Flash in my web browser?

    I fix it.

    Thank you all.

    But xine problem is still up....

    Ciao ciao

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