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    Texas backroads - December 08 - Red River County

    Once again, this past weekend, we wandered off in the new truck ... in search of the backroads of Texas. In particular, the places where the pavement stops in Red River County.

    Heading off the main roads.

    An interested local resident ... nice enough ... but a bit of a dandy!

    The Mighty Red River.

    Hysterical Marker.

    Well past its prime ... but still in use.

    A genuine Northeastern Texas "fixer-upper."

    Nice place ... except ... it's just a little pink!

    Back on the road home.

    Another weekend coming up ... <....>

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    Wayne Guest
    I'll trade you


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    Demz Guest
    excellent pictures.. who'd paint there house pink ..ewww

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    Very nice. Looks like you two are having a blast with the new buggy. Keep the shots coming; got to remember what bare ground looks like for the next 4 months.
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