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    imdeemvp Guest

    How to intall a GUI desktop switcher

    Here is the link for the GUI tool download

    open terminal and become root:
    type: rpm -ivh switchdesk-gui-4.0.3-1.noarch.rpm

    if you want to install using yum:
    yum install switchdesk-gui
    type command at the terminal: switchdesk and you will get a GUI and it also installs in preferences so just go to the redhat panel >Preferences >Desktop Switcher and DONE ........sweet

    HERE is more about 2 other methods:
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    [emblym] Guest
    it deosnt work with fluxbox ....why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [emblym]
    it deosnt work with fluxbox ....why not?
    Fluxbox is not a "typically" installed package, so there is no "switchdesk template" for it - especially if you've not installed via RPM. If you used an RPM from one of the Fedora yum/apt repositories, it should have included it. The template I have for Fluxbox is the same timestamp as the others, so I'm guessing that FC2 comes with it already.

    What switchdesk does is locate a named file (e.g. switchdesk.kde) and copy that file to $HOME/.Xclients.default and constructs a softlink (ln -s) from that to $HOME/.Xclients. This is in turn invoked by the GUI login manager to run the "default" UI you've selected. You can essentially do the same by editing $HOME/.Xclients.default directly, or making a similar template in /usr/share/switchdesk.

    But always make sure you can get back to where you started from! Make backup copies of any file that you change.
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    imdeemvp Guest
    this was intended for Gnome and KDE......and i think i forgot to mention that

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    [emblym] Guest
    have you actually tried hitting fluxbox on the switchdesk GUI? it deosnt work for me. it gives me this...

    Your desktop configuration cannot be updated, please make sure that the package switchdesk has correctly been installedd on the machine.
    it works fine with KDE and GNOME

    i got it to work if i edited Xclients myself but the fluxbox toolbar thickness is huge
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    mustangfanatic Guest
    When I go to install the rpm I get the following message.

    [root@sw0nage eric]# rpm -ivh switchdesk-4.0.3-1.src.rpm
    error: cannot create %sourcedir /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES

    I also get this with some other apps that I'm trying to install. What does this mean and how do I fix it? I even tried as root with same result

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    imdeemvp Guest
    [root@sw0nage eric]# rpm -ivh switchdesk-4.0.3-1.src.rpm
    incorrect version downloaded.....go back to beginning of theard!

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    Th4rg0r Guest
    hmm, it ran fine for me. I didn't have the template for flux, just created one.
    well, I created one using that does 'exec startfluxbox' and just edited the startfluxbox
    script for all the apps I need ... as per RH9.

    Well, details will come if anyone still reads this ...

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    Sledge Guest
    I had the same problem on my FC3 system. I looked in the switchdesk-helper script and it is expecting fluxbox to be in /usr/bin. On my system at least, fluxbox was actaully in /usr/X11R6/bin. I created a link to /usr/bin and then switchdesk was perfectly happy.

    Note, i installed fluxbox via yum and it is version 0.9.9-2.

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    vassalle Guest
    plz explain, step by step, how u created the link ? thanks..

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    Sledge Guest
    I just did this:
    login as root or use the su or sudo command.

    cd /usr/bin
    ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/fluxbox
    That will create a link for fluxbox in /usr/bin pointing back to the other directory. After that things should work.

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    vassalle Guest
    it worked!! thanks for ure help..

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    jgionet Guest
    what does fluxbox and switchdesk actually do? Is it similiar to WinXp's "switch user" feature? So that your current user stays logged in and a new user can login at the same time?

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    jgionet Guest
    I guess I found my answer.. doh..

    switchdesk provides a simple method of choosing between the various desktop environments available under Red Hat Linux, including GNOME, KDE, and FVWM2. If X Windows is running, switchdesk will bring up a dialog box which allows the user to choose between the available desktops installed on the system. This dialog follows the appearance of the user's current desktop as closely as possible. If a desktop name (KDE, GNOME, FVWM, WINDOWMAKER) is supplied as an argument, or X is not running, switchdesk can be used from the command line
    It would still be nice however to have a "Switch User" feature. Anybody know if this can be done? or if there's plan to introduce this feature?


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