My machine is booting with Grub.
When grub boots it stage 1 it displays "GRUB"
Afterwarts stage 1 is starting stage1.5 or stage 2
When stage 1.5 is loaded there comes a message after "GRUB" : "Loading stage 1.5"
Or when stage 2 is loaded "Loading stage 2"

In stage 2 the splashscreen comes up. (or in my case : I get "GRUB>" prompt)

My monitor is so slow that I can not notice if stage 1.5 is loaded after stage1, or if stage 2 is loaded after stage1.

In fact I want to know it stage 1.5 is loaded before my stage 2 is running?
Or if my stage 2 is started directly after stage 2.

PS : My stage 1 is in MBR of my hd.

How can I find this out ?