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    Exclamation PolicyKit, PackageKit and Software Updates

    I am using Fedora 9 and I recently turned on "Automatically install only security updates" in System > Preferences > System > Software Updates. After that, I found out that when using the PackageKit console to install packages (pkcon install ...), I am no longer prompted by PolicyKit for root password. I guess PolicyKit needs to grant the power for the user to install packages for updates to be automatically installed, but isn't it undesirable in some corporate environment or schools for the end user to install packages without the approval from the computer technician? Does Fedora 10 address this issue?

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    Don't have a clue either, I'm aware yum-updates been replaced by PackageKit. Its designed not to ask you for root password anyway.

    PackageKit.i386 : System daemon that is a DBUS abstraction layer for package management
    PackageKit-cron.i386 : Cron job and related utilities for PackageKit
    PackageKit-devel.i386 : Libraries and headers for PackageKit
    PackageKit-libs.i386 : Libraries for accessing PackageKit
    gnome-packagekit.i386 : GNOME PackageKit Client
    udev-packagekit.i386 : Tell PackageKit to install firmware that udev requires
    yum-packagekit.i386 : Tell PackageKit to check for updates when yum exits

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    inkybutton Guest
    Thanks marcrblevins for replying.
    Its designed not to ask you for root password anyway.
    Really? It did prompt when I installed packages using
    pkcon install [package]
    before I enabled Software Updates...

    I guess I should clarify the problem. Say that a company has many computers that run Fedora. The IT Department decides that employees should not be able to install packages, but would like the systems to automatically download and install security updates. The default configurations of PolicyKit and PackageKit (as described above) prevent that.

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    Have a look at System / Preferences / System / Authorizations. Under "org / freedesktop / packagekit", there are the authorisations for the various PackageKit actions. If you supply the root password when prompted to update but do not check the box to remember the authorisation for that time only, it add your ID as authorised to "Update package".

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    I see. Thanks.

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